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Forensic Consulting

ArroGen Consulting is a multinational provider of expert forensic science services operating in the UK and US with over 50 team members in accredited laboratories offering total support in all areas of evidential forensic science and laboratory operational compliance.

ArroGen offers total support in:

  • Forensic management strategies
  • Cost benefit analysis and needs assessment
  • Traditional and state of the art scientific technology applications
  • Customized design and development of Quality Management Systems
  • Research and validation strategies
  • Case review, analysis and expert witness testimony

Targeted Solutions

  • ArroGen Consulting provide international forensic leadership through a network of consulting and advisory experts dedicated to the field of forensics worldwide.
  • ArroGen provides Turn Key Targeted Solutions for all aspects of forensic management, traditional and state of the art scientific technology applications and customized design and development of comprehensive Quality Management Systems.
  • ArroGen Consultingeducate clients on how to execute a Quality Management System designed to meet forensic service requirements through the application of the best science in a quality, timely, efficient, effective and ethical manner.
  • ArroGen Advisors provide guidance for research and development strategies to conduct technology transfer to operations and commercialization.


ArroGen Consulting provide targeted management solutions customized to identify gaps in management systems that may result due to turnover of leadership and staff, need to implement new technologies and the ever changing customer forensic service requirements. ArroGen Consulting provide tangible and priceless management experience developed through over 50 years of forensic operational experience.

Quality Management Systems

The Quality Management System as defined in ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and other ancillary ISO standards requires many mandated written policies and procedures designed to continually reduce nonconformance and increase the overall quality of forensic services. Such nonconformities can be catastrophic to the public confidence and trust for the laboratory from the citizens of their community. A well designed Quality Management system customized for client operations will help manage and monitor high risk scientific processes for continual improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and quality. ArroGen Advisors are highly experience forensic scientists with over 100 years’ combined experience working with quality management systems using proven methods that reduce risk and consequences of errors.

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