Toxicology & Medicine

Arrogen Forensics offers all aspects of toxicological analysis and medical examination/review.

Effects of Toxins on Behaviour

We provide a comprehensive review and extensive analytical capability for a wide range of forensic casework in which toxicology expertise is required. Our experts review cases comprising a major toxicological element such as:

  • Poisonings (deliberate or inadvertent) in murders, manslaughters, suspicious deaths, drug-assisted sexual-assaults (DASA);
  • Factitious administration of substances (formerly known as Münchausen-by-proxy cases). We can also thoroughly review and provide an extensive analytical service for cases of adulterated foodstuffs and drinks.
  • In other types of forensic cases where the involvement of alcohol, drugs, medicines and poisons is indirect, we can also assess whether or not the analyses carried out were adequate and, if necessary, suggest and carry out additional or confirmatory tests.

Body Mapping

Our experts in forensic body mapping and wound overlay have many years of experience both in the medical and forensic science sectors. The injuries are represented graphically using cutting edge film industry software so that the original image is never used, maintaining Court guidelines and avoiding unnecessary distress. We will:

  • Demonstrate both internal and external injuries, showing the direction and pathway weapons have travelled, also demonstrating bullet trajectories, producing three-dimensional views of the internal body structure to clearly illustrate injury;
  • When there is no photographic evidence of injuries, we can replicate the appearance of an injury;
  • Reports can include a digital composite where the item causing the mark can be faded in and out over the injury to graphically represent the match.

Sexual Abuse

At Arrogen Forensics we can provide you with expert medical opinions in relation to criminal matters. For example, we will carry out an assessment of internal or external injuries alleged to have been caused during a rape or sexual assault, both by physical examination of the patient or by a review of photographic and documented evidence. We are also called on to assess injuries to children where there is an allegation of abuse.

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