Road Traffic Accident

The severity, nature and extent of road traffic incidents are very diverse. Road traffic accidents/collisions can be the culmination of a number of different events involving a combination of factors either causatory or contributory. They can cause personal injury, or even fatality, damage to vehicles and property. Arrogen Forensics can:

  • Look at the available evidence as a whole and prepare a reconstruction report;
  • Provide opinion on vehicle speed, condition of vehicles, the road layout, lines of sight, visibility issues, driver reactions and pedestrian movement;
  • Carry out reconstructions at the collision scene at any time of day relevant to the circumstances, weather conditions, component failure and tyre failures;
  • Assess CCTV footage;
  • Research the accident statistics for a particular section of road to see whether there is any evidence to show it is an accident blackspot and why;
  • Model certain data in order to prepare 3D simulations of road traffic collisions;
  • In cases involving suspected fraudulent insurance claims and possible staged or contrived collisions, look at the whole circumstances, road layout, vehicle dynamic and carry out forensic inspections for damage continuity.
  • Forensic analysis of tachograph charts and digital tachograph data in terms of driver’s hours offences, driver behaviour and verification of routes/route tracing.

Tyre and Glove Marks

Arrogen Forensics has experts in all areas of marks comparison, including tyres and gloves. Both Tyre and glove marks are found on a variety of different surfaces and comparison of patterns can provide evidence of association between a glove/tyre and a crime scene.

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