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Forensic Ecology is the use of environmental evidence types to assist in investigating crime, both outdoors and indoors. The most common areas of forensic ecology that you will encounter are forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology, forensic diatomology, forensic entomology forensic botany and palynology (pollen). With a highly experienced team, we are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Forensic Archaeology involving the location, recovery and interpretation of buried evidence, mostly human remains, and associated items that may be within the grave, as well as buried stolen goods, firearms, drugs etc.;
  • Forensic Anthropology which is concerned with establishing identity, both in the living and the dead.  Forensic anthropologists also determine whether remains are animal or human;
  • Diatomology which assists in determining whether or not an individual died from drowning; this uses unicellular plants found in all water types, soils and on damp surfaces;
  • Forensic Entomology, using insect evidence to assist in establishing Post-Mortem interval, or whether or a not a body was moved after death;
  • Forensic Palynology utilises pollen, spores and other microscopic particles deposited on items such as clothing or vehicles to establish whether or not the person/vehicle may have been in a particular locality.
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