The number of drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act is increasing year-on-year and as a result, in addition to the more usually encountered drugs such as heroin, cocaine and amphetamine, we are seeing many newer controlled substances. Additionally, we encounter more and more so called “Legal Highs” and offer a comprehensive service to bodies such as Trading Standards where civil proceedings under Consumer Protection Regulations are seen as an important means of reducing the impact of these uncontrolled substances.

In relation to drugs casework, Arrogen Forensics offers:

  • Analysis and opinion on the nature and purity of a drug;
  • Comment on the difference between ‘possession’ and ‘possession with intent to supply’;
  • The possibility that different batches of drugs originated from the same clandestine laboratory;
  • Whether or not the drugs present on banknotes (or other items) are indicative of the owner having been involved in the illicit drug trade.
  • Identification of ‘legal highs’;
  • Valuation of drugs seizures.


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