CCTV and Audio Analysis

In this area we offer a service to enhance CCTV and video. We also work on audio, video and Dictaphone recordings to recover information. This discipline covers:

  • Enhancement, tracking and stabilising of CCTV recordings using pioneering software
  • The recovery of information from damaged audio, video and Dictaphone tapes
  • Analysis of video recording for evidence of tampering or editing
  • Production of still images from VHS or digital CCTV
  • Comparison of clothing, vehicles and other objects with CCTV images
  • Audio enhancement and transcription

 Facial recognition

As eye-witness evidence can be unreliable, computerised facial recognition is becoming much more frequently used to assist in the identification of individuals in a country where there are a vast number of CCTV and surveillance cameras. Facial recognition is also used in the field of biometrics for types of security. We will:

  • Use the digital or video images of a face to interpret the likelihood of a match with a known individual;
  • Reconstruct the facial appearance of an individual from decomposed remains.
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