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In the current forensic marketplace, and particularly with much of the prosecution work being reported in Streamlined Forensic Reports (SFRs), it is more important than ever that you understand the forensic evidence before you. Our forensic experts are at the top of their field and have the experience and expertise to ensure that the forensic evidence is properly evaluated in the context of the case and that you and your client understand its true value.

We will be at your side from the initial, free, consultation right the way through the court process and you will have direct access to your expert when you need it.

The team at Arrogen will provide a responsive, cost effective and friendly service and, importantly, our experts will get the most from your case, giving you the best opportunity to fairly represent your client.

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Free Case Evaluation

We will work with you to establish your requirements and see how we can best address these to the benefit of you and your client. We will provide a detailed breakdown of the proposed services with transparent pricing.

This initial consultation is completely free and will provide you with valuable information on how our expert will be able to help you.
We would be pleased to assist you. Please call 01235 774870.
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